Whether looking for a romantic rendezvous or a place to schmooze a business buddy, Huggo’s has it all – seaside location, balmy breezes, expert service and cuisine that refuses to compromise.

Project: Poster Design & Website Design

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Big Island Peppers

Original Hawaiian Chili Peppers Label Design

Whole/dried, ground, or chopped, the chili peppers are ONLY GROWN IN HILO, and they grow year-round so you, our customers, never have to do without! We dehydrate, chop, and process peppers each week so our product is newly-picked and vital.

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Big Island Peppers: Ghost

Ghost Peppers Label Design

Big Island Peppers Label Design has been one of the funnest projects we have come across.  We enjoyed working with Doug,  he instantly trusted our design skills and let us do what we do best, and came out with an excellent, appealing label to represent a high demand product!

All locally grown here on the Big Island.  Visit for more information

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