Cleaning a WordPress Site that has been Hacked

Recently, WordFence, an internet security plug-in used on WordPress sites, created a guide on what to do if your WordPress site has been hacked! Since, we use WordPress as our primary virus and malware protection software for all of our web development projects at Hilo Web Design – here are some tips for you on how to get your website back to normal if you feel you have been hacked.

1. Back Up Your Site Now

This is the most important thing we suggest to our clients. We run back ups of our hosted websites on a regular basis in the event that something does happen. Because of this, we can easily use programs like TimeMachine and turn back the “hands of time” on a website that has been hacked to a previously backed-up version!

This step is crucial in the event of a website being hacked. The adverse would be recreating all of the website pages individually which would take a lot of time, energy, and potentially money if youʻre not able to update the website yourself.

2. …

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New FREE WooCommerce Extension for Credit Cards

One of the many services we provide at Hilo Web Design is setting up and helping maintain an Online Shopping Cart – for that we use WooCommerce. WooCommerce uses extensions (plug-ins) to add features such as payment gateways (accepting VISA, Mastercard, etc.), adding USPS shipping information, and product add-ons.

We have told you in the past about the difference between using an SSL Certification versus using a payment method like PayPal and the costs and issues assoicated with both. A NEW exetnsion has arrived that is used with those sites wtih and SSL Certification and is FREE! STRIPE: Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards directly on your store with the Stripe payment gateway for WooCommerce. The only thing that this system requires is a valid SSL certificate. This ensures your customer credit card details are safe! This plugin also uses Stripe JS to tokenize credit card numbers to make payments keeping card data secure. Stripe now works with refunds in WooCommerce 2.2+.

For more information on STRIPE click here.

If youʻd …

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Serious Vulnerability in WordPress Plugins

To build professional looking websites to meet our client’s objectives, one of the solutions we provide are custom WordPress (CMS) websites. Through this popular use of WordPress, we always make sure that our websites are safe and secure for our clients.  Just recently, we were made aware (via the security blog Sucuri) of a serious vulnerability in a few popular WordPress plugins.

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WordPress Mobile App

WordPress Mobile

When developing new websites for our clients, we use WordPress. What we like about WordPress as a  Content Management System (CMS) is that it puts the power in your hands! F0r the past 4+ years, weʻve suggested to clients that WordPress is the best CMS and we continue to do so because of  its ease of use, simple user interface (UI), its ability to help support successful eMarketing, an easy infrastructure, built in search engine optimization (SEO), and much much more!

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WordPress Tutorial: Basic Photo Upload and Edit

Posting a Photo to your website. Everyone likes to see pictures, its always good to add pictures to help put some imagery in your blog.  This tutorial covers adding, deleting, and replacing images.  WordPress is very smart, your WordPress website will keep all the photos you have uploaded in a media library.  You are able to access that media library every time you try to place a picture into a page or post.  WordPress also keeps a gallery a pictures in every page or post.  So, if you accidentally delete a picture, it is an easy fix!  Have fun with your website! We encourage our clients to post to their blog, that’s why we have created these helpful WordPress tutorials to better familiarize yourself with WordPress.  We hope you enjoy them and we always appreciate comments.


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WordPress Tutorial: Basic Page Edit

Aloha! Welcome to another WordPress Tutorial.  This Tutorial is short, clear and to the point!  WordPress is easy if you take it one step at a time.  So we are going back to the roots!  This Tutorial covers a basic navigation of editing a page on you website.  WordPress is a great tool for those who would like to manage you own website.

You asked for it so we go it!  We have shortened our Tutorials to focus on more specific and basic editing.  We have also had some question about Audio, and that has been address. We will continue to progress and give you better quality and a great message!  We would love to hear you have to say, go ahead and comment on this post or on the video. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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WordPress Tutorial: Upload a PDF for Download on your site

We have yet another WordPress Tutorial for you guys!

We have been taking the most common questions and troubles that our clients come across with wordpress and turn it into a simple, short tutorial!  It is very important to us that our clients understand how make changes and update their own website!  Take the time to view our wordpress tutorials and you will soon be a wordpress guru and see some amazing results with your website!  Thank you for your time and we’d love to hear your feed back, comments and questions..just post a comment to this website and we will get back to you asap! Enjoy!



Step by Step images!

Leave us a comment below! Thanks for Watching!

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