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When developing new websites for our clients, we use WordPress. What we like about WordPress as a  Content Management System (CMS) is that it puts the power in your hands! F0r the past 4+ years, weʻve suggested to clients that WordPress is the best CMS and we continue to do so because of  its ease of use, simple user interface (UI), its ability to help support successful eMarketing, an easy infrastructure, built in search engine optimization (SEO), and much much more!

Add to this the addition and development of mobile applications to help manage sites and blogs and youʻd be hard pressed to find a better CMS than WordPress. The fact that anyone with a smart phone or tablet, can create blog posts and manage their content on the go from their mobile apps is a big plus! They have similar features for all operating systems and even have a mobile app for BlackBerry users to create content quickly and easily.

For iOs users –  when using the WordPress for iOs App, a blog can be created from your phone with with ease due to the keyboard function that is set up similar to the dashboard for adding a new post online. You can also follow your favorite wordpress blogs and users and with one tap even reblog a post to your site. (see the video below)

For Android users – similar to iOs functionality, with the WordPress for Android App, you can create posts and pages with new photos and videos while at an event or just out and about. With detailed stats and easy engagement with your followers through notifications and comments, youʻll be a WordPress pro in no time!

For BlackBeryy users – Managing comments, adding photos, and writing posts just got easier for people using BlackBerry phones! The WordPress for BlackBerry App itself allows users to read their favorite blogs, reblog those posts as well as create pages on the go. WordPress for BlackBerry is available for use on WordPress.com sites as well as self-hosted WordPress (2.7 or higher) sites!

Hereʻs a quick video for the iPhone version:

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