Internet Marketing 101 (SEO)

Online Marketing
Online Marketing is anything you can do to bring traffic to your site through the Internet. The key is finding the sites relevant to your business that get the most qualified traffic. If you were to navigate to this website, you’d know everything there is about digital marketing. This could be a directory, a business you network with, national trade organizations, an online newspaper, the Chamber of Commerce, local information sites, etc.

Reciprocal Linking
Talk to the people in businesses associated to yours that you refer people to and vice versa. Ask them if they will put a link from their site to yours for the same thing in exchange. This is free and can be one of the best ways to get qualified traffic to your site.

Directory Sites
National or regional associations for your industry is the first place to start. Use search engines to search for such directories if you have never heard of any. Many of these sites will list you for free, and can be a significant lead source. Look on the site for information on how to sign up.

Get listed in Area Information Sites
These consist of local sites about your city, region, county or even state. It can be a chamber of commerce site, an independent site about your city, or even a local newspaper web site. Check out the below links to find such sites.

One method is to just type in, .org, or .net, and see what comes up. Often times you will find some kind of site about your city.

Another method to find area information sites is to use the search engines. Go to a search engine and type in your city’s name. Do this in a few different search engines and go to the most popular sites found on more than one search engine – this way you know that the site is getting traffic. Then contact them see if you can add your web address as a link in some place on their web site.

E-mail Signatures
Most e-mail programs have a signature feature so you can pre-set all e-mails that you send to include your contact information, including a link to your web site and your e-mail address. Also, integrate your e-mail address into your web site content.

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