Just Launched Big Island Peppers Website!

It is with great honor that we are celebrating the launch of BigIslandPeppers.com!  We have done logo & Label design, Web design and Development for Big Island Peppers.  Please take the time to check out what Big Island Peppers has to offer, at www.BigIslandPeppers.com or right in the heart of Hilo off of Lanikaula Street.  We had a great privilege of working with Doug & Lisa on BigIslandPeppers.com, and continue to do great work for them as they are growing quick.  Doug is the master mind behind the production, caring for thousands of chile pepper plants, of all sort.  Thank you to Doug and Lisa for all your hard work and dedication!  The idea of having a Chile Pepper Factory in Hawaii has always been a dream of theirs and hadn’t been done before.  Chile peppers are known to be hot, but having a product that is hot with flavor is hard to come by. We had the honors of tasting some of Lisa’s & Doug’s ono homemade chile pepper secrets, and left us with a tear!  Thanks again Big Island Peppers!

Click here to view BigIslandPeppers.com

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