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What has your Social Media Done for You Lately?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of news lately about how FacebookTwitter, Google+,  and all other venues for social media are NOT the best route to promoting your business or product, but the truth is, it does work. It’s all about strategy and making sure you define and REdefine your marketing strategy frequently.

If you are an every day poster on Facebook and continually post pictures of your favorite dog or pictures of food you’ve prepared, this might have worked for you to get a base audience, it is NOW time to change that strategy and come up with something new. All marketing strategies need to be reevaluated every so often just to make sure they are working.

Read this article on ways to boost your marketing with Facebook and see what areas you could change to better serve your target audience.

To see the full article click the link here:

“Kick Your Facebook Marketing Up a Notch” 

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