Introduction to Social Media and Internet Marketing – Rotary Club

Ian and Nichol had the opportunity to present a workshop recently to the Rotary Club of Hilo. It was called Introduction to Social Media and Internet Marketing. 

In it, Ian described the ever changing landscape of social media and how to successfully and professionally create and market a company or brand using social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

With the way things are with social media, itʻs easy to get caught up in trying to help decide what outlet is right for your company or brand, but using the techniques presented in the workshop, you can at least start off on the right foot.

A copy of the presentation can be found by visiting

Ian will also be teaching several courses at Hawaiʻi Community College (HawCC), called “Social Media and Internet Marketing for Businesses” in the next few months (2/19, 3/6, & 3/21). For those interested in attending, please visit the HawCCʻs Office of Continuing Education & Training website and view their online brochure and turn to page 8. You can sign up for the course by calling 808.934.2700.

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