Social Media in the Classroom

In today’s world, it’s not essential that a student must physically attend a university to get their degree. Thanks to technology and online courses, any student can get an online computer science degree by staying and attending lectures with the right study material all from home. We recently wrote an article about getting a Masterʻs degree in Social Media which showcased how some colleges across the country are trying to stay up with the growing need for social media professionals.

Itʻs interesting to look at what other schools are doing to help use Social Media in the classroom to help the up and coming graduates in ares like digital marketing, business marketing, or even those just interested in using social media as a tool to help them in their current job.

Weʻve been teaching a course, ourselves, called “Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Business” which has been very successful. In one article we came across it showed 3 ways professors are using social media in the classroom. Here are some highlights:

1. Teaching Marketers To Execute, Not Just Plan – in these classes professors found that future marketers had great ideas but had no way to allow them to execute them. What they are doing now is allowing these students to execute their plans on real social media accounts.

2. Creating a Personal, Professional Brand – We know that branding is key to a business. What the professors at these schools are doing is helping the students brand themselves professionally. This helps them in the future by allowing them to promote themselves and what they do in a professional and useful manner by applying the skills they learn about branding.

3. Building on Traditional Techniques With New Technologies – This one is great because it says a lot about marketing in todayʻs world. The traditional ways in which most companies market are still there, so adding technology no only showcases what has worked in the past, it also showcases what is working for companyʻs today.

Overall the trend is catching on quickly in the marketing and business world, where do you and your company stand?

To read the full article, on HootSuiteʻs blog, click here.

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