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Feed Your Dog or Your Employees with Twitter

As a company that does social media marketing for several businesses we are not new to Twitter. However, some of the  things you can actually do with Twitter has thrown us for a loop! For instance, did you know you can use your Twitter account to feed your dog while away at work or out and about? You can also send someone a $5 Starbucks gift card using Twitter, which we think is why Matthew is so adamant about using the platform!

Twitter is a great tool for small business owners to connect with their customers and peers! We use it with all of our clients and find the results are successful when partnered with a professional online marketing program! You can use Twitter to catch up on the latest news from around the world, or as we mentioned before, feed your dog while away!

Check out one of our favorites: Feed Toby! Feed Tobyʻs owner needed a way to, you guessed it, feed Toby!

If you need help with Twitter or are interested in learning how to use Twitter, sign up for our next class at Hawaii Community College called “Using Twitter and Facebook for Small Business.” Feel free to sign up for our other classes too!

We regularly offer the following classes and could potentially offer more if needed:
Social Media and Internet Marketing for Business
Content Development and Strategies for Internet Marketing
Using Facebook and Twitter for Small Business

To register for the class, contact the Office of Continuing Education and Training by phone at 808.934.2700 or stop by their office located at 1175 Manono St., Building 379A, Room 3!

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