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Three Tips for Content Marketing and SEO

We offer a variety of services including Search Engine Optimization which is commonly known as “SEO“. Part of that includes incorporating content marketing in an online marketing strategy to better improve search engine results. So why not try these out and see how you can get the best PBN domains by paying as low as 50 cents per referring domain. We recently read a comprehensive guide to content marketing and SEO by, called The Complete Guide to Content Marketing for SEO.

Some of our favorite tips from the article include:

  • Every company should be doing some sort of content marketing!
    • If you want your company to be noticed (brand awareness), you have to be out there! You can use many outlets including blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing! The important thing is to have a plan of action before starting a new online campaign.
    • Content marketing for SEO includes tags, blogs, social media presence, and comprehensive content.
  • Create content for your audience!
    • There should always include a “so what” factor in your content. Google is now more focused on content comprehensiveness over quantity when ranking your content. They include this formula to help evaluate content: Intent + Context + So What Factor = Comprehensive Content
    • If your audience gets in the habit of weekly posts about your latest design/product and you cut back, it can hurt your online presence. Hence, if you are in a habit of taking the help of an SEO service, you need to understand comprehensively on what they offer. Determining what strategy is best is based on many factors including the type of business and its goals.
  • Have a plan!
    • Weʻve mentioned this already and think itʻs the most important thing to take away from the guide. If your goal is to get people visiting your website or business, it is best to have a comprehensive marketing plan that includes content marketing. Content marketing for SEO is more complex than it used to be and requires more than just a daily post.
    • Your audience matters! If someone visits your blog or article and immediately leaves (which can be tracked in various ways, like Google Analytics), your content is not getting the desired results and should be re-evaluated!

If you think your business could use more online traffic contact us to discuss a full marketing strategy that includes: SEO, blogging, social media marketing, and branding!

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