10 New Year’s Resolutions to Better Your Business

We have put together 10 New Year’s Resolutions that companies SHOULD make to better their digital presence.  Much has been said recently about a company’s digital presence and we like to say that a company’s digital presence is like an employee that never sleeps!  Here is a list of ten things we suggest to our clients to help them better there digital presence both online and offline for the New Year!

1. Do some market research.

This is always a great place to start and can yield some great insight.  Take the time to see what other companies in your field are doing online and offline.  Check out several of your competitors (pay closer attention to the successful ones) to see if what they’re doing is effective.  Search online to see what keywords and phrases are most popular in your field.  Do your industry peers use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

2. Formulate an internet marketing strategy.

We use a 5 step process that we go through with not only our clients, but ourselves to see how effective our online presence is.  This is key to knowing what does and doesn’t work for your company.  The first and most important of these steps is formulating a strategy.

3.  Evaluate your brand/logo identity.

Are you proud of your logo/brand identity?  Are you proud to pass out your business card?  Do people recognize this as being directly related to your company?  How effective is your brand/logo at getting potential client’s attention?
Remember: It’s never too late to re-design your logo and properly brand your company. 

4. Evaluate your current website (you should have one) and redesign it if necessary.

Similar to brand and logo identity, does your website make you proud? Is it  a good resource for your audience (i.e. Is it informational? Can a person contact you easily)?  There are always changes/updates/modifications and additions that can be done to make your website more attractive and effective in it’s role.  Things like adding a detailed quote request form or a simple informational video can help reinforce professional relationships as well as save you hours of repetitive phone conversations in customer education.

5. Create a realistic monthly budget for your digital presence.

In 2013 companies will be spending on average 10.4% of their revenue on digital marketing and that number is only going to increase. That being said and translated, a small business with $100,000 will likely spend about $750 a month on their digital marketing alone.

6. Allocate a realistic schedule for your digital presence.

For a company that is expanding its web and digital presence, this can be one of the hardest tasks. The best way to do this is to schedule some time, around 30 minutes a day towards your digital presence.  If you don’t have the time to post a blog on Facebook every week, hire a new staff member to deal with your digital presence directly.  If that too seems daunting, hire and outside firm.  Of course you could hire Hilo Web Design that specializes in internet marketing, design and advertising…but there are plenty of other good firms out there as well.  Just be sure to look at their portfolio and check a few references.

7. Set up analytics to track the effectiveness of your efforts.

By far the best and FREE option is Google Analytics for revealing your websites statistics and daily traffic.   Analytics data can tell you more than you need to know and is an invaluable tool for helping your business focus on what is working.

8. Allocate time and a budget for your off-line presence.

Using non-digital sources like newspaper ads, radio spots, and local publications to build and retain traffic and potential customers to your website is a great way to effectively market yourself.  It is also a good way to bring awareness to your social media pages and other aspects of your online infrastructure.  By putting an ad in the newspaper with your new website address and logo, helps people recognize not only your name, but that you have a professional and stable presence in the community.

9. Set up an eMail marketing campaign.

According to a recent Garter survey, companies are now spending 9.6% of their digital marketing budget on eMail marketing.  Monthly eMail Newsletters are great for promotions and keeping customers informed.  Highlighting recent blog articles, relevant information and resources can also help build trust and relationships while reinforcing the other aspects of your online presence.

10.  Make a video.

A professionally made video can yeild a high return on investment.  The can save you time by educating customers and can remain relevant for years of use.  Adding a video to the homepage of a website can also be a great asset.  It can immediately attract  and engage customers by keeping them on your site longer and encouraging them to investigate deeper into your website’s pages and business.

Overall, a company’s digital presence is becoming more and more important in today’s tech-savvy culture.  Setting up and maintaining an effective presence online can be a lot of work, but if done properly can very rewarding.  By setting 1 realistic goal at a time (or 10), your company can establish an effective presence online as well as offline.



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