LAST Social Media Technique

How to Effectively Handle Negative Feedback Online

Having negative comments is going to happen. Itʻs part of what makes Facebook/Twitter such an interactive outlet for consumers. The key is not having the last word, but using the word “LAST.”

L – Listen
Your customer is upset and likely for a valid reason. You want to make them aware of the fact that youʻve heard their concern and are working toward a solution.

A – Answer
If they had a question or negative comment, answer them directly, donʻt delete it just because itʻs negative. Using the “Reply” button works, or commenting on the post itself. Either way, what you do now, affects how others see your company in the future.

S – Solve It
Every reaction has a reaction, itʻs science. They had a problem, legitimate or not, and theyʻre looking for a solution. Solve it!

T – Thank
End everything by thanking the person for the feedback. You can direct them to a review page to get more information as well. This will not only help you look good to other consumers, but will also allow you to better understand the needs of your customer and ways to help avoid the same situation.

Regardless of what you do, itʻs simple: Users create engagement, engagement creates likes and a successful social media campaign. It’s good to always be professional, have a positive attitude, and always have the LAST word.

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