Raise Your Hand if You Like Beer and Branding

Sometimes a project comes in to the office that we canʻt refuse and recently that was the case!

Mehana Brewing Company and Hawaii Nui Brewing company, owned by DeMare Enterprises, came in to ask if we could help with their new can designs and new website. We jumped at the opportunity and have been working hard since to come up with what we think is some of our best and most fun work.

For both companies, we helped revamp their logos for better brand identification.

Mehana Brewing Logo Hawaii Nui Brewing Logo

We also updated the designs for their new line of canned beers using the old labels and artwork as inspiration.

Mehana Can Line-UpHawaii Nui Can Line-Up

Ultimately, the goal was to get a professional, exciting and fun website for both companies, and we believe weʻve done just that! Mehana Brewingʻs website is already live and weʻre working diligently to get the Hawaii Nui website up soon!

Mehana Brewing Mock UpHawaii Nui Mock Up

Weʻre excited to be working with the Mehana and Hawaii Nui Brewing team and even more excited about launching both of these fun projects!

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