SEO and content marketing

Three Tips for Content Marketing and SEO

We offer a variety of services including Search Engine Optimization which is commonly known as “SEO“. Part of that includes incorporating content marketing in an online marketing strategy to better improve search engine results. So why not try these out and see how you can get the best PBN domains by paying as low as 50 cents per referring domain. We recently read a comprehensive guide to content marketing and SEO by, called The Complete Guide to Content Marketing for SEO.

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we heart basecamp project management

We <3 BaseCamp: 5 Reasons Why!

BasceCamp is a web-based project management software that we use every day to help us stay organized!

We use it for our projects, both old and new! The functionality allows us to not only track what we are doing, but bring in the client to see where progress is being made! We equate using the software to an email chain, with days and possibly months of back and forth, all spread out and organized for everyone without the hassle of remembering who was supposed to do what and when!

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4 Questions to Help Choose a Credit Card Processor

Many of our clients are using some type of eCommerce software solution.  These sites are usually selling merchandise of some sort, be it jewelry, clothing, or vitamin supplements.  Because of this, we have to help our clients find the right merchant services and payment gateway provider.  The 2 most popular choices are PayPal (An All-In-One Solution) and (A Payment Gateway Processor) for online credit card processing.

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