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We <3 BaseCamp: 5 Reasons Why!

BasceCamp is a web-based project management software that we use every day to help us stay organized!

We use it for our projects, both old and new! The functionality allows us to not only track what we are doing, but bring in the client to see where progress is being made! We equate using the software to an email chain, with days and possibly months of back and forth, all spread out and organized for everyone without the hassle of remembering who was supposed to do what and when!

Here is our Top 5 Reasons We Love BaseCamp:

1. Assigning Tasks

As many small business owners know, it is sometimes only you and a few people running your business. If youʻre like us, we are in and out of the office every day working on projects and getting new clients. The best time tracking app allows everyone to see where we are on a specific project, and even better allows everyone to complete a task and reassign it to another person, while still keeping track of all the progress made. Think, “long email chain” but in a to-do list that is separated by task and person.

2. Accessibility

We use this software frequently and sometimes, as mentioned before, we are out of the office or in the case of our one of our employees, on a different island! The cool thing about BaseCamp is there is a mobile application (app) that allows you to have the same functionality as the desktop version, right in the palm of your hand.  In a market where email and being mobile are important, this helps us stay on track as well as be mobile! Imagine checking your email from your phone and knowing exactly which one needs your attention and when!

3. Client Access

A newer feature of the software is the ability to share what you are doing with the client. The best part about it is the client can track progress, and is also not necessarily having to be looped in for questions and comments that do not involve them. In the email chain model, think about a time when you have been CCʻd in an email about something that you have no insight or involvement in, but because everyone keeps hitting “Reply All” you still get to see that Barbara in Accounting still needs that spreadsheet from John in Marketing.

4. The Calendar

As a company that manages several clients at once and has a wide range of services, the calendar allows us to easily see what we have to do not only for one client, but for every client throughout the month. In this scenario you can think of it as your emails in calendar form, where you get to see what is ahead of you as well as where you can rearrange tasks!

5. To Do Lists

Weʻre sure that in a small business environment you have come across many to-do lists. The best part about this one, is the ability to view it by day, week, or ALL! While many would say having to look at 100 “To-Dos” would be daunting, it also helps you put a perspective on things and lets you accurately inform not only yourself, but your client on how much longer you expect to take on a particular task/project. In the scheme of the email metaphor, look at this as you just got 100 emails and spent time sorting them in to the correct folder, but instead of having to drag and drop, itʻs done instantly and likely better!

However you choose to manage your projects, just know there are many programs out there to help, it just takes a little research!

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