Keep It Simple: Tell Your Company Story Like A Children’s Story

We really enjoyed Michael Brito’s blog post, suggesting that content strategy should be as simple to communicate as a children’s story.  This is where Internet Marketing and Design meet to tell a story…which is the first step towards properly engaging your audience.


I used to read “Love You Forever” to both of my girls when they were little. Even thinking about it today, I still get choked up. It’s really a heartfelt story.  What I remember the most about it is that it uses imagery to tell a very significant story (as with most children’s books). The story is about a mother’s unconditional love for her son; and then chronicles her son’s life growing to an adult and starting his own family. The sad conclusion shows how he reciprocates his love to his mother who has grown to be an elderly woman. There are just a few sentences on each page but the story and illustration is powerful and you can even follow along without even reading the text.

This is how you should start thinking about your content strategy. Visual storytelling is certainly top of mind for marketers today; and with the rise of Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Facebook’s recent Timeline redesign, it’s even more important today. But telling your brand story is more than just adding an image to each Facebook post or taking advantage of the news cycle and creating real time content like Oreo. The ability to tell visual stories requires a significant amount of planning and collaboration with internal teams (creative, brand, content); which means you need to deploy a social business strategy that delivers this effectively..

I came across this Slideshare presentation by Stefanos Karagos and had to share it. It’s one of the better presentations I have seen lately and illustrates my point exactly. I read through each slide and knew exactly what Karagos was saying as if he were presenting it directly to me.


Author: Michael Brito

Michael Brito is a Guest Contributor to the HootSuite blog, vice president at Edelman Digital (HootSuite’s PR firm) and the author of Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization. For additional insight, follow his

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